Many of us have spent the time and expended the thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition to work around the two-eyes-and-one-gun-sight issue. Through trial and error, we have found things that work for us.

Learning to shoot well is likely to become more difficult and expensive in the future. The greatly increased price of ammunition, as well as the decreased availability of places to shoot, is already making an impact. New shooters are going to need to get better faster to stay interested in the sport. For the rest of us, we will need to practice more efficiently–or else win the lottery..

A properly installed Triple-Occluder Sight is a great tool to help shooters become (and stay) more consistent with fewer bullets being fired downrange. Because of the blocking/channeling action of the sight design, the shooter is going to have to move and keep the pistol to the correct position to be able to see all three dots . This simplified sight alignment alone will enable the occluder to quickly pay for itself in lower ammunition costs and range fees.

The individuals who may benefit the most are the people with cross-eye-dominance. For the first time, they will be able to avoid the never-ending problems they have always faced with handguns. These folks will be able to use either eye and either hand and it will all work out just fine.

And, just maybe, some of the rest of us (who are currently doing things our own way) might even decide that we like the ease the Triple Occluder offers too.

Linda A.

Former All-Army Small Arms Competitive Shooter

For me and the countless multitude out there who have trained ourselves to ignore what the non-dominant eye sees it may seem unnecessary, but to truly and effectively block that second image out completely is in my opinion, a technological breakthrough in the world of weapon optics.

Joshua G.

Loving it!  I wish that I had my target handy, but I did hit a 3″ group at 25 yards this past Sunday.  Best part, with both eyes open!  I can see exactly where I hit exactly when it hits!

Kevin S.

I have a set of these on my Glock .40 and they are amazing!  Accuracy improved significantly with both eyes open.  The videos and pictures don’t do them justice.  I also have a buddy that shoots competitively who purchased a set after seeing mine and has improved accuracy as well.  They don’t make my pistol look or feel bulky like I thought they would!